Cash Out


What is a sportsbook Cash Out (or Buy Out)?

A Cash Out, otherwise known as a Buy Out, is a feature that allows sports bettors the ability to settle a bet — and accept a payout less than the full potential win —  before the competition ends. The upside, if you take the offer, is locking up some profit that is yours to keep regardless of how the score/event ultimately plays out.


Because Cash Outs tend to be most commonly offered while an event is running and before it ends, Cash Outs can be viewed as a live in-game betting feature.


Why take a Cash Out?

A Cash Out allows for two things to happen that can be seen as benefits to bettors. One, bettors can lock up winnings without having to endure the risk that comes with letting a bet play out until the end of the competition. Two, bettors can cut losses if things are going really bad. Think of this second option as a forfeit of a wager.


Cash Outs offer a give and take between sports bettors and sportsbooks. When you cash out a winning bet to take a profit, that profit is going to be for less than the maximum amount. This is what the bettor is giving to the sportsbook. The take is that the bettor receives less risk and can lock in a profit.


Cashing out of a wager works for losses, too. When a bettor cashes out, he or she will lose less than the maximum amount, which allows a bettor to cut losses. If a bet has gone south and the bettor doesn’t feel there’s a good chance of winning, electing to Cash Out of the wager can cut the loss to a lesser amount.